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Ancient Egyptian Readings 

English translation of selected Ancient Egyptian texts, bringing to life the sapiential, magical, ceremonial and theological traditions at work in the 'House of Life' of Pharaonic Egypt. 

The Texts and their Contents


Instruction of Hordedef

The first wisdom text provides moral guidance and ethical principles.
Instruction to Kagemni
Another instructional text focusing on proper conduct and virtues.
Maxims of Ptahhotep
Sayings attributed to Ptahhotep, emphasizing good discourse, humility, kindness, and justice.
Pyramid Texts of Unas
Religious, ritual texts inscribed in the Pyramid of Unas on Pharaoh's renewal and ascension.


Instruction to Merikare
Didactic text offering guidance to king Merikare about good governance and moral leadership.


To Become Magic
Spell about crucial magical practices and rituals.
A Discourse of a Man with his Ba
Dialogue between a man and his Ba about existential issues.
Instruction of Amenemhat
Posthumous address by King Amenemhat I to his son, offering advice on rulership and trust.


The Great Praise of the Aten
Hymn to the Aten, reflecting the religious revolution under Akhenaten.
The Book of the Cow of Heaven
Mythology describing various themes, such as the destruction of mankind.
Hymns to Amun
Religious hymns dedicated to the God Amun and reflecting His elevated status.
The Shabaka Stone
Cosmogonic text describing the world's creation by Ptah’s mind and tongue (speech).
Instruction of Amen-em-apt
Late wisdom instruction providing moral and ethical guidance inspiring Biblical authors.
The Adoration of Re
Hymn to Re, emphasizing his universal power.

These texts provide rich and diverse insights into Ancient Egyptian culture, religion, philosophy, and governance. They reflect the evolving thoughts and beliefs across different historical periods, offering a comprehensive understanding of Ancient Egyptian intellectual traditions.

They form the textual backbone of my Ancient Egyptian Studies.

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Ancient Egyptian Readings


© 2021 by Wim van den Dungen

253 pages
available in the LULU Bookstore
ISBN : 978-1-329-65649-9

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Ancient Egyptian Readings

© 2023 by Wim van den Dungen

6.27 MB
available in the LULU Bookstore
completely revised

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