Since 1996, a Report on my ongoing Studies in Philosophy has been made available on the Internet. At present, a large corpus of texts is shared at no cost with all users of the WWW.

Besides surfing the results of the hermeneutic, neurophilosophical, kemetic, hermetic and dharmic studies backing these philosophical investigations, the underlying view of this study is summarized in three books :

Criticosynthesis (2008)

This work addresses normative philosophy (with its transcendental logic, epistemology, ethics & aesthetics), the practice of philosophy, neurophilosophy, and philosophical investigations into the Divine. The theo-philosophy at hand roots in mystical experience, is aided by the hermeneutics of religious texts & matured by the participant observation of many living spiritual traditions (or mysticology).

Metaphysics (CMP) (2012)

In the first part of this work, a general metaphysics of process is developed. The absurdity of accepting permanent, inherent substance or essence, assists removing the ignorance or false ideation superimposing inhering continuity on what is at hand, namely impermanence & universal interconnectedness. The world-system is full-empty (empty of permanent self, but full of togetherness with others).

The Book of Lemmas (2014)

Fundamentals of epistemology and ontology.
In this text, 120 lemmas are advanced, preceded by introducing critical epistemology, summarizing the historical & thematic roots of the epistemology at hand. This is : (a) normative, strict nominalistic & terministic (qua theory) & (b) genetic (qua practice). In this way, the fundamental points of this epistemology & ontology are integrated & clarified in a single text.

My texts are under constant scrutiny, making updates likely. Taking in what readers say and further study prompt change.

Nearly every *.HTML is stamped, bearing date of first publication on the WWW, date of last update and version n°. The latter being indicative of a change of view.


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