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My first attempt at writing a text on philosophy was way back in 1981. It had an impressive Dutch title : Schetsen van een Absurde Wereldbeschouwing, or Sketches of an Absurd World View. It was pessimistic, dark & nihilist. 

In 1984, College Tractaat (College Tractate) came. The nihilist view was out and the urge to manifest a philosophical system poignant. In 1987, Proto-Tractatus Logico-Comicus got written. This first English text drew the contours of this system-to-be. It was followed, in 1992, by the Tractatus Logico Tragi-Comicus. Besides a considerable reorganization of themes, this basic text invoked decennia of study ahead. Countless corrections would be the outcome.

But in all my texts, the principle of the non-reduciblility of the cosmic operators matter, information & consciousness pertains.

In 1996, the issue of being read, and therefore interact with a community of relevant sign-interpreters, was solved by the WWW. Indeed, since the 9th of April 1996 onward, my ongoing Studies in Philosophy have been freely available on the internet.

The author escapes the dogmas and directives of any organized religion, church, lodge, temple, cult, sect, lineage, spiritual school or sectarian organization, and avoids economical, political and academic pressure ; his aim being free study.

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