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Journey back to 1981, I was twenty, when my philosophical explorations began with a Dutch monograph, Sketches of an Absurd World View. While its tones echoed of darkness and annihilation, life led me to embrace Vedic-based Yoga in 1982 (Ananda Marga). This chapter of my life ignited a fervor for transpersonal experiences.

Fast forward to 1987, and the Proto-Tractatus Logico-Comicus took shape. This short English text set the foundation for an evolving system of thought. By 1992, these insights were enriched by the wisdom of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim mystics and daily meditations, transforming it into the Tractatus Logico Tragi-Comicus. More than just a compilation, it was a roadmap indicating years of exploration and refining ahead. Yet, the guiding principle remained - the interplay between matter, information, and consciousness. These operators are connected but also act independently from one another. They are irreducible, precluding ontological materialism.

1996 marked a pivotal moment. With the dawn of the Internet era, my philosophy found a home and a community. Report on Studies in Philosophy became accessible online for free on April 9th, 1996. Today, a wealth of insights awaits anyone with curiosity, underpinned by hermeneutic, neurophilosophical, Kemetic, and Dharmic studies. And while my alliance with music is budding, its potential is limitless.

Fiercely independent, my philosophy transcends the bounds of institutions, dogmas, and pressures, always aiming for unbridled exploration or "free study" (Multatuli).

By 2006, Buddhism gracefully melded into my journey, harmonizing science, philosophy, and mystical experience.

Philosophy, for me, is an unquenchable thirst for wisdom, a dance between cognition and wonder. It's about embracing our evolutionary call to understand, innovate, stretch our minds, and weave intricate tapestries of matter, information, and consciousness. It's a dialogue between reason and intuition, between the known and the ineffable.

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