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C or Consciousness
I or Information
M or Matter

©  Wim van den Dungen

§ 1

Matter (M) is the set of facts limited by height, breadth, length & movement in time (Einstein's spacetime-continuum) and constituted by a differential in real numbers describing the movements of subatomic particles, waves & fields (Schrödinger-equation). Fundamentally, it is defined by 12 elementary particles and 4 forces.

This differential describes a discontinuous (quantum) process or quantum-state, or M-wave (de Broglie). The square of this wave gives a probable estimate of position. Momentum & position can never be both accurately known (cf. Heisenberg's principle of indeterminacy). The M of our 'nominal' Universe is four-dimensional. Four 4 (probably 5) material force are at work here : strong force, weak force, electro-magnetism, gravity & super-force (the latter being hypothetical but not unlikely). Five nucleotides constitute the code of living M : uracil, thymine, adenine, cytosine & guanine. Five Kingdoms of Life can be observed on planet Earth : mineral, vegetal, animal, human & adept.

§ 2

M could be percieved as frozen energy (or charge). When artificially separated from its co-relative operators C and/or I, it tends towards the most probable order (this implies an entropy-increase within the "black box" of the artificial cycle). These materialistic reductions (i.e. the projection of an isolated picture on M on the totality of being) led to a view on the Universe in which no organized, intelligent architecture occurs (modernism does not "need" the hypothesis of a First Cause - cf. Laplace), except as the randomness of absolute entropy. This "nature morte" -instead of being a rule- is the exception, for even a formidable chaos contains the seeds of order (cf. chaostheory).

§ 3

In a functionalist approach M has an executive role to play. It allows for interactions on the physical level of being. Through this operator systems sense & operate physical reality (for-us). M does not explain why certain processes take place (as consciousness does), nor is it capable of being copied without any decrease at the source (as information can). Like hardware it is useless unless a certain code makes it work to perform a sequence of physical actions meaningful to conscious users.

The human brain is the most developed lump of M (hardware) on this planet. It executes the I (software) which is part of its wiring and serves as a input/output station for C (userware) and its choices.

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