the divine word(s)

by Wim van den Dungen

Chapter 17 of the Book of the Dead reads :

"Now came into being all the words of Atum :

'I was Atum when I was alone 
and came into being in the Primordial Waters

I am the great god,
evolved by himself.

That is, Nun, who created his name
company of gods as god.'

Palette of the scribe Pay, with an invocation of Amun-Re (right) and an invocation of Thoth (left) as Lord of the Words of the god, i.e. of hieroglyphic writing - XVIIIth Dynasty

Who then is he ?

It is Re who created the names of his limbs. These come into existence in the form of the gods who are in Re's suite. I am he who is not opposed among the gods."

Shu separates Geb from Nut assisted by the gods of the north winds
adapted from the book of the dead of the priestess Nesittanebtasjeroe
Thebes - XIth Dynasty - Greenfield papyrus (plate 87)

(Shu, son of Atum and god of air & life, says :)

"Nun saw me when I came into being. I know his name. I know the place where I came into being. But he did not see me come into being with his own sight.

For I came into being from the flesh of the great self-created god.

He formed me with his heart. He made me by his spirit. He exhaled me from his nostril. I am he whose nature was exhaled, whom this august god manifested, who strews the sky with his beauty, whose name the gods do not know."
Coffin Texts, spell 75 ( 334 - 342), spell for becoming Shu.

Wim van den Dungen