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Assalumu Aleikum !

A Colorful Recital

an English redaction of the Koran

also consult : Portal to a plain Recital

©  Wim van den Dungen

The Opening is called "Sab'an minal Masani" or "The Seven Oft-repeated Verses", said to contain the quintessence of the whole Koran. Hence, he who understands this chapter has already grasped the core of the Islamic doctrine. It is the only chapter of the 114 chapters in which ALLAH does not speak, but the believer. It has been compared with the "Lord's Prayer" in Christianity.

The Cow is the longest chapter. The excellence of this chapter has been conclusively shown by Muslim scholars. It is said that Muhammad considered the reading on any night of the last two verses of this chapter as sufficient. It also contains the important verse on the throne of ALLAH (256 - 259).

Al-Fátihah : The Opening

Al-Baqarah : The Cow




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