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. Who ? What ? When ?
The Many and the happy Few
Statement of Intent
General Data :

General Preface to these Egyptian Studies
Religious Map of Egypt
        --- Genetico-Cognitive Correspondences
The Egyptian Language
Literary Heritage and Translations
        --- Hieroglyphs of the translated texts


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The Eyes
The Wedjat Eye
The Ka
A Jungian approach
. Short history of devotion in Ancient Egypt

Divine Words

The god with gods & goddesses
The five branches of theology
Sacred literature in Egypt
Egyptian secrets of initiation

Sapiental Instructions 

. The Instruction of Hordedef (OK, Vth Dynasty, fragment)
. The Intruction to Kagemni (OK, VIth Dynasty, fragment)
. The Maxims of Good Discourse of Ptahhotep (OK, VIth Dynasty, complete)
. The Royal Instruction to Merikare (IX - Xth Dynasty, beginning incomplete)
. The Royal Instruction of Amenemhat  (MK, XIIth Dynasty, end incomplete)
. The Instruction of Amen-em-apt (NK, XIX / XXth Dynasty, complete) 


. Hellenism and its epistemology
Hermes the Egyptian

Egyptian thought and Thales, Anaximander & Pythagoras
       --- The Rise of Alexandro-Egyptian Hellenism & Hermetism
       --- the Discourse on the Eighth and the Ninth 
The Ten Keys : Ancient Egyptian roots of the Principia Hermetica

Studies of the Night : the Amduat

. The Book of the Hidden Chamber

       --- Section 1 : historical, philological, schematic, thematic and
            lexicographical features of the individual Hours
     --- Section 2 : Egyptian pataphysics of creation
       --- Section 3 : The Summary of the Amduat : A Commentary

  Studies in Ancient Egyptian Philosophy

The Theology of Memphis

fugal monotheism, creative speech & pan-en-theism in Ancient Egyptian thought

To Become A Magician

the sacred Great Word, its divine record by the ante-rational mind and the magic of the everlasting existence of Pharaoh's light-life

The Cannibal Hymn to Pharaoh Unis

UNIS : the overpowering cannibalistic god and image of images.
A few philosophical remarks ...

The Maxims of Good Discourse of Ptahhotep

the art of hearing, listening & excellent discourse, the plumb-line of the scales & the state of veneration

Discourse of a Man with his Ba

the chaotic heart and the just ways of the living soul in Ancient Egyptian didactical literature & funerary anthropology

. Great Hymn to the Aten

radical monotheism of light without darkness & the Aten of Pharaoh Akhenaten

Amun, the Great God : Hidden, One & Millions

unbegotten preexistence - double-concealed in transcendence and immanence - and the unity of Ancient Egyptian theologies

On the Shabaka Stone

general features, spatial semantics & general contents

The Creative Verb in Kemet

Ancient Egyptian verbal philosophy of  thought, mind and tongue : its mythical, pre-rational & proto-rational stages & theologies
Liber Nun

Precreation in the Pyramid Texts :  everlasting Abyss and eternal Pleroma.
Escaping Osiris ...

O Osiris the king, who goes forth by night !
The Book of the Heavenly Cow
. The Pyramid Texts of Unas
. Commentary on the Pyramid Texts of Unas
. Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Readings
. Amduat : The Summary of the Amduat - The Twelve Hours : A Commentary
. The Adoration of Re : Hymn to the Rising Sun

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